Art exhibitions in Paris

city | art insider offers private tours to individuals and small groups who want to enjoy the best exhibitions in Paris museums big and small. We are very responsive to our clients' interests -- no need to linger if something isn't holding your attention. Here are just a few we've enjoyed lately, and some we're looking forward to.

There are many wonderful guides to Parisian exhibitions online. We particularly like, in English, Slash/Paris.


Pinault Collection at the Conciergerie

Using sculpture, video, paintings and more, part of François Pinault's contemporary art collection was on show at the Conciergerie, Paris

What to see this Fall: 19th and 20th centuries

Not-to-be-missed exhibitions featuring works from the 19th and 20th Centuries, this fall in Paris.  

What to see this fall: contemporary

Check out city | art insider's recommendations for thought-provoking, or simply provocative, exhibitions in Paris this fall.  

Kinetic art in the spotlight in Paris

Kinetic art is back in the spotlight in Paris with exhibitions celebrating famous artists...

Charlotte Charbonnel: art X science

From March 2013, discover with city | art insider Charlotte Charbonnel's work, at the intersection of art and scientific experimentation.

The Michael Werner Collection

The Museum of Modern Art presents the prodigious collection of gallerist Michael Werner of Berlin.

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