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A visit in the Marais - Feb 15 2017

Welcome on your private page !

Here are the names and links of the galleries and artists you liked during our visit :

gallery Lelong : buildings and crouds by Philippe Cognée

gallery Eva Hober :

Axel Pahlavi (current solo show) 

In the gallerist's office : Damien Cadio (plane crashing), Jérôme Zonder (drawings with digital prints and portraits), Katia Bourdarel (girl from the back)

gallery Zürcher : 

Katharina Ziemke (only in the Parisian gallery)

Matt Bollinger (you can also find works in the NYC Zurcher gallery)

gallery Metropolis 

Sandra Lorenzi (I asked the gallery for outdoor sculptures infos - coming soon)

Daphné Le Segent (landscape us/china with Eurodisney)


We visited also Gallery Semiose (solo show of Steve Gianakos) and gallery Anouk Le Bourdiec (Marion Bataillard and Marc Molk).


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