There's nothing quite like the Paris art fairs!

Anish Kapoor at FIAC 2012

Anish Kapoor at FIAC 2012

With hundreds of booths and thousands of artists, the fairs present visitors with myriad options to expand their collections.  

At FIAC, SLICK, Cutlog, ShowOFF & ParisPhoto... take the lead in searching out your favorite gallerists and works, and we provide thoughtful counsel as you begin to narrow down your options.

Or, if you prefer, we can review your goals in advance to create a personalized pathway through each of the fairs to maximize your exposure to candidate acquisitions in line with your goals.

Either way, we take into account your current collecting objectives, budget, and how your selections rate in the broader marketplace, to help you make wise acquisition decisions.  

As always, we delight in your enjoyment of the extraordinary diversity and creativity present in the Fall fairs, and are happy to act as your trusted confidant.  

And it doesn't end there. We can help with your transaction and liaise with galleries to make sure your purchases make it home safely.


Contact us to get the most out of the Fall Fairs.  

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