A day at the auction

With six major auction houses in Paris, there are auctions every day.

From antiquities to the latest in contemporary art, there's something for everyone -- and it's pure theatre watching the bidding. From steals to extravagant deals, you'll be amazed at the variety of objects changing hands.

By popular demand, here's your chance to learn all about the auctions in Paris -- from the history to the logistics, how to evaluate, bid and buy.

Whether you're in Paris for a day and want to watch or pick up something to take home, or you're here longer term, the Day at the Auction visit is the perfect way to get you started.

Note, while some auctions are publicized well in advance, the majority are announced just two weeks before. Please let us know your preferences and we'll choose the auction that best represents your interests.

The details:

  • Typically we meet in the morning, visit the exhibits for the day's sales, have lunch together to discuss how it all goes and then return to the sales.

  • For sales with advance exhibits, we split the "full day" into two half-days, one for the exhibit and one for the bidding

  • Prices start at €90/person

  • Meal extra


A list of Paris auction houses

  • Drouot

  • ArtCurial

  • Cornette de Saint Cyr

  • Sotheby’s Paris

  • Christie’s Paris

  • Fauve Paris