Anne-Lise Broyer in black & grey

Les leçons de Sainte-victoire et Vermillon, twos series of photographs by Anne-Lise Broyer were recently exhibited by La Galerie Particulière (Fall, 2012).

Anne-Lise Broyer has developed a thoughtful and reflective sensibility at the forefront of photography and drawing, strongly influenced by literature.

Having studied both as a photographer and a typographer, her practice of photography simultaneously follows paths of graphic design, drawing and writing; looking through this hybridization to generate a kind of photographic literature.

She says that she sees the world as a reader, and she seeks this sensibility as a photographer. She moves through the landscape, plot-like, seeking character, event, fear and delight. The black and white was chosen because of the color of the text, something like gray matter, as if each dot of the paper print was a letter, a font, like a watermark, invisible to a naked eye.

Landscapes, portraits and still-lifes delight in the subtleties of grey. Her work has a touch of mystery, or perhaps it inspires the inference of mystery by the beholder.

Her series all have in common a narrative framework, given by a text or novel.

She is also questioning the link between photography and artist books in her already numerous books published by Editions Filigranes and Editions Nonpareilles. Each of her exhibitions shows  an unusual research in the display design, making it a work of art in itself.

Currently in residence at the Casa Velazquez, French Embassy in Madrid, she exhibits regularly in France and abroad. The Galerie Particulière, Paris represents her work in France.

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