Art Week in Basel

Art week in Basel is a contemporary art lover’s dream come true, and one of city|art insider’s favorite client destinations.

Throughout the year, top galleries all over the world set aside their best pieces to premiere at Basel. They ship them to this sunny little Swiss town on the border of the Rhine, near France and Germany, which then turns itself completely over to art for a week.

It begins with VIP events, in which the biggest collectors in the world compete to acquire works by brand-name artists from Picasso to Damien Hirst or Gerhard Richter.

Then it’s doors open to everyone, a democratic immersion experience in the world of art. There is art to admire, art to buy, and the fun of seeing what celebrity collectors are acquiring.

Because Basel is in fact comprised of several art fairs, it’s impossible to see everything. This year, we tailored city|art insider’s itinerary to the must-see sectors of Art|Basel and the Parcours, plus two other fairs.