Biennale de Belleville 2014

Our visit around Biennale de Belleville

The Biennale de Belleville was created by critics and curators to underline the creativity in this neighbourhood. Belleville hosts many young art galleries and artists studio.

This year they gathered experiences, performances, videos and art installations on theme of the idea of walking. Nothing static, even the central exhibition at the wonderful Pavillon Carré de Baudoin is perenially "in progress".

You'll find there also a library and a arthotèque (art library) where you can borrow works of art for the time of the Biennale.

That's where our group started, before walking through the streets of Belleville, looking for in situ works and visiting a selection of exhibitions in art galleries. The Biennale runs until October 26th and it's the perfect occasion to come and discover this lively place and keep track of emerging artists.

Thank you Pauline and Victoire from Galerie Daniez de Charette for your help !

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