Charlotte Charbonnel: art X science

Charlotte Charbonnel works at the intersection of art and scientifical experimentation, creating compelling works that are both beautiful and pique our curiosity.

From trying to capture clouds in canning jars, to acoustics installations to hear the sound of various materials, to metallic drawing and sculptures evoking fractals, stalactites and crystals, Charbonnel's experimentations have no bounds. Trained at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, she made several impressive installations in both private and public institution, like a giant harp at the Verriere Hermes Fondation in Bruxelles or a big pipe installation between organic and organ at Palais de Tokyo in April 2013.   

In 2013, she participated to several collective shows: Meltem at Palais de Tokyo collective show, the Little Art Fair at Royal Monceau hotel and Nuages at Musée Réattu in the city of Arles. 

From March 2013, city | art insider offers an exclusive discovery of Charbonnel's work.

We'll head to her gallery Backslash, to see some of her work from her previous personal exhibition in 2012. By special invitation, we'll meet with Charbonnel in person in her studio, and enjoy a light reception with the artist, and an opportunity for collectors to consider works from her earlier series.

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