Discover Musée Picasso Paris

Sculpture exhibition at Musée Picasso

Sculpture exhibition at Musée Picasso

Born in Spain, Picasso arrived in Paris in 1900 and spent most of his life in France. In Paris, we can discover traces of him in Montmartre, at his former studio of Bateau-Lavoir or in Musée de Montmartre or in Saint-Germain-des-Prés where he painted Guernica.

For true Picasso fans, the Paris Musée Picasso is a must. After the artist death, a large part of the artist collection has been given to the French state and displayed in a splendid 16 century private mansion called Hotel Salé -  including paintings from older artists Picasso admired and exchanges with pairs like Matisse. 

The museum shows works that span the full art of Picasso's creative periods, punctuated with personal effects and snippets of his inspirations. The display is changing twice a year to present a new aspect of the artist's work.

Half-day visits, or full-day when combined with a gallery tour of the Marais.