Art to see with kids in Paris

Where will we go with our kids in Paris this week-end?

That's what we ask ourselves before recommending exhibitions for you and your family. And our kids are our most demanding clients!

If you are traveling to Paris with your kids, we'll make the visits enjoyable for the all family. Kids are usually so quick to be interested if you present them to participate and Paris is full of wonders.

If you choose a classic visit like the Louvre or Orsay with kids, we'll prepare games and entertaining parcours (translation ???) to make sure they participate and enjoy.

We get many requests for family tours, and it's always a fun challenge to put together itineraries that adults and kids of all ages can connect with.

Or we can make fully oriented family itineraries with outside sculptures park, dedicated museums or street art visits.

Ask for the exhibitions we recomand at the time of your visit.

We'll also select to adapt the places for café or lunch.


So, here are a few picks to inspire kids of all ages, ones that kickstart great discussions and lend themselves to various interpretations.

Our picks for kid-friendly art in Paris

Late October in Paris means the FIAC fair, when the elite of contemporary art come to play in the Grand-Palais, amidst thousands of extraordinary art works. Kids go wild in the festive atmosphere, and are eager to run from booth-to-booth to see what's next. You may find yourself having to explain some things -- be prepared to distract them from some of the more racy art works!

If you prefer to keep the kids outside during FIAC, enjoy the sculpture installations along the River Seine near the Grand-Palais; in the Tuileries Gardens; or our favorite, in the Jardin des Plantes, the giant rabbit of Barry Flanagan; a deer by Julien Salaud inside the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, and many more.

 Also outdoors, a new world tour is presented by Photoquai, a billboard-styled display of enormous prints by 40 non-European photographers of landscapes, objects, fashion or architecture. It makes for a particularly engaging walk along the Seine, both across from the Musée du Quai Branly and inside its beautiful gardens.

Street art: 80 street artists have been invited to invest and create in a 10 level building before its demolition, Tour Paris 13. Indoor playground or artistic creation, and artists have been given total freedom of expression. Expect lots creativity and energy, until the 31st of October. 

If your kids are into the "olden days," dive into the Art Déco period (1920's and 1930s) at Cité de l'Architecture. It was a time of Universal Exhibitions and ocean liners, here explored through a selection of pictures, films and furniture. 

These are also the last days to see the much-celebrated Ron Mueck sculptures at Fondation Cartier. Kids are amazed at how real they appear to be! (until October 27)  


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