Saint-Germain's hidden museums

Here's something we hear alot:

"We've been to Paris before, and seen the big museums. We want to see something different this time -- but we only have 3 hours!" 

If that sounds familiar to you, city | art insider has crafted a half-day tour featuring exquisite stops throughout Saint Germain-des-Prés quartier.

Just when you think you know every little corner of the city, you find something like that!”

— A reader of our feature in Romantic Paris

The neighbourhood, tucked between the Seine and the Boulevard Saint-Germain, gained its international "chic and intellectual" reputation thanks to the writers, philosophers, musicians and painters active there, from "Les années folles" to the mid-century/1960's. Yet its history stretches back to 558 AD and the area features in many historical moments and includes Paris's oldest church.

Starting at Musée Delacroix, we head into the exhibitions at Ecole des Beaux Arts (School of Fine Arts), enter a few modern art galleries, chase traces of history in the streets and finish at a lovely café.