Fabrice Hyber

Chinamania at Art Paris 2014

Between the President of China's arrival, the diversity of visitors and the broad selection of art, this year's Art Paris is an energizing event.

Right at the entrance, we were dazzled by the solo show of Gao Xinglian at Claude Bernard's booth... light figures levitating with a splendid technique of ink, a great bridge between Asia and Europe, old masters and contemporary art.

Gao Xinglian is a French artist born and raised in China -- he is most known as a writer, having won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2000. Clearly we weren't the only ones dazzled -- every one of his works had a red sold sticker on it by the end of the night!

China is deftly honoured at the event: from Chinese artists presented by their home galleries for the first time in France, to Chinese artists working abroad and represented by galleries outside of China,  and even tributes to China by French artists like Jean-Pierre Raynaud.

In addition to our Asian explorations, we're delighted to introduce our clients to new works by their favourite French artists at the booths of Parisian galleries.

With so much to see, we recommend comfortable shoes, a laser-sharp focus, and a map for this year's event. Enjoy!