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Marc Desgrandchamps at Galerie Zürcher. 

Marc Desgrandchamps at Galerie Zürcher. 

See more great art in Paris, after your visit to FIAC, SLICK, Cutlog, or YIA!

Many Parisian galleries have complimentary shows for fairgoers, and we're on top of them all.

Tell us what you like and we'll craft a custom itinerary that fits into your schedule, for a maximum of five people.

From the historic Montmartre to the Marais, from the cutting-edge Belleville, to the gritty South Pigalle (SoPi)  or chic galleries of Saint-Germain-des-Prés -- you'll delight in discovering extraordinary art in and wonderful Parisian neighborhoods with city | art insider.

Whether you're just looking, or you're in a buying mood, city | art insider will get you in front of art works you'll enjoy. If you decide to buy, we're happy to advise you and support your transaction and shipping of your purchase.

We offer half and full-day tours, contact us to learn more about special Fall fair pricing. 

Recent tours:

Saint-Germain Art & Design

We love going to Saint-Germain for its mix of both modern and contemporary art galleries, design and furniture.

Art in the Marais

An energizing day or half-day excursion in the Marais district -- galleries, museums, shopping, restaurants and more.

Belleville gallery walk

Belleville's the place to go for what's up-and-coming in art in Paris. Read on...

Bohemian Montmartre

A walking tour of the contemporary and historic art scene in Montmartre.

Saint-Germain's hidden museums

"We've been to Paris before, and seen the big museums. We want to see something different this time -- but we only have 3 hours!" 

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