Enjoy art as a family in Paris

Enjoy any Paris tour "en famille"!

Saint-Germain Art & Design

We love going to Saint-Germain for its mix of both modern and contemporary art galleries, design and furniture.

Art in the Marais

An energizing day or half-day excursion in the Marais district -- galleries, museums, shopping, restaurants and more.

Belleville gallery walk

Belleville's the place to go for what's up-and-coming in art in Paris. Read on...

Bohemian Montmartre

A walking tour of the contemporary and historic art scene in Montmartre.

Saint-Germain's hidden museums

"We've been to Paris before, and seen the big museums. We want to see something different this time -- but we only have 3 hours!" 


With the right introduction, kids instinctively love and "get" art, with an openness adults can envy.

We delight in making art a family affair, imparting new ideas and information to art lovers of all ages.

Pick any of our tours, and choose our "family option;" we'll automatically tailor it to please each member of your group.

And, we plan activities to keep kids busy so adults can enjoy too.

We include fun stops to refresh and recharge at unforgettable restaurants and cafés.

If you're a collector and choose our collection option, we further design your visit around pre-selected acquisition targets, with a personal welcome in Paris's fine galleries.

See first-hand how engaging children and young people transmits art appreciation to the next generation.

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