• Thursday March 17

  •  1:30 - 4:30

  • Meet in front of Grand Palais, left entrance

  • We'll deliver tickets there

  • 06 42 87 03 98 for any last-minute issues

Admission €45 includes the entrance fee of €22

Are you free next Thursday afternoon? Or can you make yourself free?

Caroline is constructing an informative visit for clients she'd like to share with friends and family, highlighting newsworthy works, up-and-comers, and the artists you're interested in.

Expect to learn a lot more about Chinese artists, as France celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations with China.

As always Caro can advise you if you decide to buy, so you don't need to second-guess yourself! (Just be prepared, she does sometimes advise against a purchase, but she always has a good reason why!)