A fine day at Giverny, and a half-day in the Marais

The artists you liked: 

Marc Desgrandchamps : a major French painter with sensitive paintings mixing several memories of instants. Timeless and poetic. He will have a personal exhibition at Galerie Zürcher next September. We can send Janet the list of available works. 

Françoise Petrovitch : after our visit, the director of galerie Sémiose brought a few drawings fresh from her atelier! We put one in the images on top of the page that could interest you, Jennifer. We can also send a list of available works in the size and atmosphere you like. Have a look at her website. Let us know!

Matt Bollinger: his work can always be seen at galerie Zürcher in New-York.

Pieter Hugo : David, I will keep you informed if I have more infos on availability of the Hyena Serie from one or the other galleries. Here is a link for the book on Amazon.

Henri Foucault : if you want a nice souvenir from the Monet's gardens, this well-known French artist is preparing a solo exhibition in the Musée des Impressionismes next year. Some works are already available, like these small and delicate photos or photograms made with flowers from Monet's garden.

 Peter Halley:  watch the evolution of his geometrical paintings on his site (special for Ben!).


Day 1: Giverny

Met at your apartment, ready to go, 9:50 AM

With advance-purchased tickets, we took the train from Gare Saint-Lazare to Vernon.

From there, we cycled to Giverny, only 5 km across the river.

We visited the House and gardens of Claude Monet and the Musée des impressionismes and the exhibition "Signac au fil de l'eau".

Lunched at charming Restaurant Baudy with its rose garden

Day 2 (1/2): The Marais

Met at Café Le Progrès, 1 rue de Bretagne, 75004 at 10:30 am.

We saw a selection of the best Parisian contemporary art galleries :

Galerie Xippas, Dean Monogenis and Peter Halley

Galerie Yvon Lambert, N. Van Woert - and the excellent library...

Galerie Ropac, recent drawings by Robert Longo

Galerie Sémiose, Françoise Petrovitch

Galerie Zürcher, collective show with G. Desgrandchamps and Matt Bollinger


Due to the so many nice shopping places in the Marais, we skipped these ones :

Galerie Perrotin, Charles Avery

Galerie Almine Rech, James Turrell


We had a nice lunch at the restaurant of Merci concept-store.



€400 friends' full day June 6

+€280 friends' half day June 9

+€180 train fares, 3 adults, 3 kids

+ €85 admissions, 3 adults, 3 kids

-€300 deposit -  €645 thank you.

The Marais