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Half-day at the Picasso Museum in the Marais

We very much hope you enjoyed your visit to Musée Picasso and the Marais. Here is a recap & some photos you are welcome to share with friends and family, as well as a brief questionnaire to let us know how we did.

An art itinerary for a late winter's day

We met in front of the wonderful Hôtel Salé and discovered the new display of Pablo Picasso's works. With the help of Marko and Thomas, we tried to identify the works from the various periods, Blue, Pink, Cubist, Surrealist, Neo-realistic... and tried to recognize Picasso's muse under the portraits and dug into his personal collection of artist friends and masters.

Then it was a restorative break with a waffle from Meert and a coffee at the friendly Café Suédois. The boys enjoyed the garden in front of it, before starting the contemporary art galleries experience. They seemed to be totally getting these various cross-media artistic approaches: at Galerie Almine Rech, Taryn Simon's photographic and sociological research in the steps of the bird lover James Bond (the real one !); the elegant and very modern WiFi sculptures of David Baloula at Galerie Elbaz; the poetic installation and sculptures of Xavier Veilhan at Galerie Perrotin around his favorite music producers.

We hoped you enjoyed the rest of your trip in Paris (did you like Merci concept-store?) and in Provence. We hope to see you again one day soon!



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Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Start - 1:30 pm

Guide/Advisor - Caroline Etter

Meeting place - TBD, either at your hotel or direct your cab or Uber to:

At Musée Picasso

5 rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris


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We are so pleased to be working with you to put together a half-day of art for you in Paris. Here are a few thoughts on your itinerary based on your needs.

Because you're travelling with Marko & Thomas we're working on making your visit to Musée Picasso informative and interactive. We're choosing contemporary art highlights for you that are noteworthy, spark discussion and are accessible.


1. musée picasso

The Picasso Museum is interesting for many reasons, and not just Picasso. Closed for 9 years for controversial renovations that more than doubled its size, we are delighted to be able to show you around the 17thC Baroque mansion named the Hôtel Sale, at long last.

The museum's shows works that span the full art of Picasso's creative periods, punctuated with personal effects and snippets of his inspirations. Grouped by themes, the show can be hard to navigate and is light on signposting and information display -- so we will help bring it into coherence.


2. the marais

The Marais has a high concentration of art galleries in an old, winding neighborhood. This concentration is even becoming stronger with galleries moving to the neighbourhood, which stretches from the River Seine to the boulevards leading to Republique. Home also to shopping and trendy boutiques and concept-stores. And very nice places for coffees and lunch! 

We'll be focussing on a selection of the best contemporary art shows at Marais galleries within a 5-8mn walking distance from Musée Picasso.

  • Galerie Perrotin : Xavier Veilhan
  • Galerie Almine Rech : Taryn Simon
  • Galerie Elbaz : David Baloula
  • Galerie T. Ropac : Bjarne Melgaard


3. if you have time...

We recommend you consider checking out: