Art works selection for Melissa Heintz

Melissa and family -- below you will find some new additions to your selection based on your first round of feedback. Do tell us which you want to see (or, if you want to see most of them, which you DON'T want to see) -- it'll help us pare down your gallery day to something manageable. The galleries have provided us with these images -- apologies, some are quite tiny, but hopefully enough to give you an idea.

My thoughts...

An artful introduction to the Marais quartier


Saturday October 12

  • Meet at 2:00
  • Salon de thé Carette, 25 place des Vosges (à l’angle avec la rue de Béarn)
  • our cell number +33 (6) 42 87 03 98 
  • Carolyn Smith & Caroline Etter


We'll talk about the history of the Marais and enjoy the lovely Place des Vosges, the oldest planned residential square in Europe before heading out. 


Our route will lead us through select contemporary art shows :

Galerie Perrotin, Michael Sailstorfer, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu

Galerie Frank Elbaz, Mungo Thomson

Galerie Particulière, Ethan Murrow

On our route we will wander through the garden of the Archives Nationale,  enjoy stops at a concept store and boutiques.

We'll point out additional points of interest for you to follow-up on on your own.  


Norman Howe's Half-Day in the Marais

A lovely day flirting with sun and rain, popping in and out of five galleries of the Marais to see painting and sculpture -- not to mention the post modern collection at Centre Pompidou, and a wonderful lunch at Claude Coillot -- thank you!

What we saw

10:00 Meeting at Hotel Place des Vosges. Introduction and presentation of the selected art works.

10:30 Exhibitions of Louise Bourgeois at Karsten Greve gallery and Tony Cragg at Thaddaeus Ropac gallery.

10:50 Presentation of the work of artist Benjamin Hochart by Martine and Thibault de la Châtre at their gallery.

11:00 Ethan Murrow and Friederike von Rauch, presented by Audrey Bazin at Galerie Particulière.

11:20 Françoise Petrovich presented by Benoit Porcher at Galerie Semiose.

11:40 Centre Georges Pompidou to see postmodern works and the exhibition of Soto's OpArt.

12:30 Lunch at Claude Colliot, rue des Blancs Manteaux.

Thoughts on your tour?

What we skipped :

Vincent Beaurin and David Kramer at Galerie Laurent Godin, Claire Tabouret at Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Marc Desgrandchamps at Galerie Zürcher

Some more from your Art Selection:

A little going-away gift... a selection of Paris art!

You said you might like a little artistic reminder of Paris to take to Zurich with you...

... so we set out to find something you might like.

Here are a few suggestions from contemporary artists and photographers, from €500-5,000.

Clicking on any image will bring up a larger version and a slideshow.

We can also add a selection of black and white photos from the 1920's to 1960's, like Brassai, Isis or Doisneau. 

Let us know if you'd like help acquiring any of them, and we'll keep adding new ones as we find them...

xoxoxo and best for your new adventure!

Carolyn & Caroline

Meg's favourites: tell us what appeals to you.

A half-day of art in Paris, July 5th, 2013

With Shelly and Genevieve

We visited 4 galleries and thanks to our common work on your tastes in art prior to your visit, it was very interesting and productive !

What we saw

Galerie Zürcher, with artists Katharina Ziemke, Mat Boillinger, Gerard Desgrandchamps

Galerie Sémiose, representing Françoise Petrovitch

Galerie Dukan, with the portraits of Craig Wylie

Galerie Tarasiève, with one painting of Romain Bernini, a selection of Dan McCarthy works, and one of Katherine Bernhardt


What you bought

Katharina Ziemke, Youth (3200 euros), galerie Zürcher

Françoise Petrovitch, drawing (1000 euros - to be framed), galerie Semiose

Romain Bernini 9000 euros, galerie Tarasiève


What you are hesitating on

Craig Wylie, big lying portrait in a London gallery and small portrait from Dukan Gallery

Dan McCarthy, Clown face  (the gallery would offer a reduction on the starting price of 2000 euros)



This was our initial selection for you, based on your acquisitions of Tal R and Sterling Ruby, and your love of George Condo.


We thought these galleries might interest you if you want to look at more of the artists they represent. We can always ask to see works from the back if you see anything you like that's not currently on display.

Galerie Dukan

Galerie Tarasiève

Galerie Zurcher

some must-sees

Here are a few exhibitions that could broaden our visits. Let us know if any spark your curiousity, and we'll fit them in. 

James Turrell, Galerie Almine Rech

David La Chapelle, Galerie Templon

Société Réaliste, Galerie Poggi

tell us what you think!

Which of these would you want to see, which would you just as soon not? Did we miss anything?

Let us know so we can refine your itinerary!

The Marais: where we went, what we saw

Thursday, June 6th, 2013.  

Met at café Le Progres, 1 rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

Our Galleries -- and if anyone's counting, we saw 7!!

Tony Cragg's sculptures at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

 James Turrell light installation at Galerie Almine Rech

Galerie Magda Danysz with the lovely and smart sculpted sentences of Fred Eerdekens. In the private show room, you also saw works from Vils,  Jef Aerosol, YZ  and JonOne. You loved the photography of Yang Yongliang

Giani Motti and his moneybox at Galerie Perrotin

The bronze and gold trees of Giuseppe Penone at Galerie Marian Goodman

Galerie Zurcher for works by David Lefebvre.

Galerie Semiose (Françoise Petrovitch) -- except we were DONE!

Lunch at Marché des Enfants Rouges: Lunch outside at a very busy, old Parisian marketplace.

Optional: Galleries you may want to visit on your own that we recommend

Galerie Laurent Mueller - Elvire Bonduelle opening June 6

Galerie Templon, Vernissage La Chapelle still life - opening June 6

Galerie Mennour Ann Veronica Janssens

Also, don't miss the exhibit on kinetic art, Dynamo, at Grand Palais


Next up: Sunday, June 9

Salon de Montrouge, half-day visit for Malinda and Katie

Meet 2 pm in front of the Salon at Metro Mairie de Montrouge, end of line 4 -- it's a new station and so it's not always on the maps. The last station used to be Porte d'Orleans, so sometimes you just see that. 


June 11

Perspective drawing course for Katie with Jan Olssen

Make appointment with her directly


Final payment:

€500 full day June 6

+€350 half day June 9

-€150 deposit

=  €700, via Paypal here. Thank you!


Happy 40th Birthday Lee Shulman!

Lee, in honour of your 40th we are pleased to offer you, as a petit cadeau, a first selection of pieces you might be interested in. We've focussed on artists who have begun to establish an international reputation yet are still affordable, in the €5k to €25k range. Click on th images to see names, descriptions and links to the artists' websites.

We would be delighted to make deeper researches and connect with galleries and artists on your behalf. We can confirm the availability and pricing for works of interest to you, set up private viewing times, provide market analysis for your shortlist, and help negotiate the final pricing of your transaction. For this, of course we charge a modest consulting fee, which is refunded on a sliding scale with the value of your acquisition. Our commission is paid by the vendor, not you.  

Tell us your preliminary choices & thoughts

Client Space: Sofia Trevino 

Two half-days of art in Paris, July 17-18, 2013

Dear Sofia,

Welcome to your personal space on city | art insider. It's where we pull together all the details as we organize your perfect art excursion.

We are so pleased to be working with you to put together two half-days of art for you in Paris. Here are a few thoughts on your itinerary based on your needs.

Because you're a recent graduate of Arts Management, we've started building an itinerary of the most important galleries in Paris. We'll stop on the way to smaller galleries, or emerging ones, or those with especially important exhibitions (details to follow after the opening of the exhibitions at the end of June). Summer time is frequently time for group shows in many galleries. The exhibition curator is being honored this summer with special invitations throughout the galleries and art spaces.  

1. The Marais, day 1

The Marais has the highest number of art galleries in an old, winding neighborhood. This concentration is even becoming stronger with galleries moving to the neighbourhood, which stretches from the River Seine to the boulevards leading to Republique. Home also to shopping and trendy boutiques and concept-stores. And very nice places for coffees and lunch! 

2. Saint-Germain-des-Prés & Belleville, day 2

Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the well-known neighbourhood for intellectuals and musicians, is also a historic place for art galleries. A few contemporary art galleries are still there, beside galleries specialized in 20th century modern art, decorative arts and tribal art.

We could start the day here then go to the neighbourhood of Belleville, where many young galleries settled and present emerging artists.

See the itinerary here or in the important links. 


At Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac ( sculptures T. Cragg)

At Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac ( sculptures T. Cragg)

Tell us what you think -- anytime!

Discovering the best Parisian galleries, July 17th and 18th, 2013 

July 17th, a half day in the Marais

10:00 Meet at café Le Progrès, 1 rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris (map)

Galerie Taddhaeus Ropac, Bernhard Martin

Galerie Karsten Greve, Lawrence Caroll

Galerie Perrotin, Charles Avery - Jack Goldstein

Galerie Almine Rech, James Turrell

Galerie Frank Elbaz, Julije Knifer

Galerie Yvon Lambert, Diogo Pimentao - Nick van Woert

 Galerie Chantal Crousel, Band of outsider (group show)

Galerie Xippas, Peter Halley - Dean Monogenis

Galerie Templon, David LaChapelle

 Galerie Marian Goodman, Museum of Modern Art and Western Antiquities Section IV (group show)


Pause at a café in one of our favorite places.

Optional : we can recommend a place for lunch if you tell us what you like -- we know great spots for anything from a nice sandwich or bagel to a starred restaurant !

Send us your thoughts, anytime!

July 18th, a half-day in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Belleville

Meet at 11h in Café La Palette, 43 rue de Seine in Saint-Germain des Prés (map)

Galerie Loewenbruck, Frédéric Pardo

Galerie G P N Vallois, La distance juste (group show)

Galerie Kamel Mennour, L'image pensée (group show)


We will take the metro for a few stops and go to Belleville neighbourhood.

Galerie Tarasiève, Shantamani M. Terry Taylor

Galerie Bugada & Cargnel, Adrien Missika

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Pablo Vargas Luco

Galerie De Roussan, Sur la mauvaise pente



€400 received via Paypal (here). Thank you!


Un tableau pour Mathieu

Chers Jacinthe et Mathieu,

J'ai préparé une page sur notre site pour vous. 

Voici quelques pistes d'artistes et de galeries qui pourraient vous plaire.  

Vous savez que je suis là si vous avez des questions sur le fonctionnement des galeries.

J'ai laissé les liens sur nos pages de paiement et conditions de vente pour que vous voyez comment nous travaillons ; ce n'est évidemment pas pour la famille. Donnez-nous votre avis, nous en sommes aux débuts de notre société ! 

Bonnes recherches ! 

Tell us what you think -- anytime!

Important links


Pricing, Terms & Conditions

Make a Payment

From Impressionnists to Contemporary Art in Paris

Dear Janet, Jennifer, and the kids.

Welcome to your personal space on city | art insider. It's where we pull together all the details as we organize your perfect art excursion.

We are so pleased to be working with you to put together a few great days of art for you in Paris. We appreciate your thorough approach to your time with us, and what you're looking for is exactly what we love to provide.

So, here are a few thoughts on your itinerary based on your requests. You'll also find links to important information to the side.


1. July 2, A great day at Giverny

Summer in Paris! We'll escape the city as did the Impressionists one century ago, and follow their path to Giverny. The home of Jean Monet takes you back in time; he designed the beautiful gardens exactly as he wanted to paint them. The Musée des impressionismes is also hosting an exhibition around Signac. 

2. July 3, a half-day immersion in the Marais

We love the Marais for this. It's packed with galleries that span the range of contemporary art, and also, mercifully, prices. We will take you inside the courtyards, discovering the fabulous spaces home to contemporary art galleries, dating from the 18th century, as well as more industrial ateliers. We'll choose entertaining exhibitions for all the family. We cannot resist stopping by our favorite concept-store and fashion shops.  


Gustave Caillebotte, Les canotiers

Gustave Caillebotte, Les canotiers

Tell us what you think -- anytime!

Update janvier 2014

J'ai rajouté quelques peintures et lithos et enlevé celles qui ne vous ont pas du tout plu.

On en reparle...

Les critères de départ : Soulages et Guillaume Bresson...


Tell us your preliminary choices & thoughts

A fine day at Giverny, and a half-day in the Marais

The artists you liked: 

Marc Desgrandchamps : a major French painter with sensitive paintings mixing several memories of instants. Timeless and poetic. He will have a personal exhibition at Galerie Zürcher next September. We can send Janet the list of available works. 

Françoise Petrovitch : after our visit, the director of galerie Sémiose brought a few drawings fresh from her atelier! We put one in the images on top of the page that could interest you, Jennifer. We can also send a list of available works in the size and atmosphere you like. Have a look at her website. Let us know!

Matt Bollinger: his work can always be seen at galerie Zürcher in New-York.

Pieter Hugo : David, I will keep you informed if I have more infos on availability of the Hyena Serie from one or the other galleries. Here is a link for the book on Amazon.

Henri Foucault : if you want a nice souvenir from the Monet's gardens, this well-known French artist is preparing a solo exhibition in the Musée des Impressionismes next year. Some works are already available, like these small and delicate photos or photograms made with flowers from Monet's garden.

 Peter Halley:  watch the evolution of his geometrical paintings on his site (special for Ben!).


Day 1: Giverny

Met at your apartment, ready to go, 9:50 AM

With advance-purchased tickets, we took the train from Gare Saint-Lazare to Vernon.

From there, we cycled to Giverny, only 5 km across the river.

We visited the House and gardens of Claude Monet and the Musée des impressionismes and the exhibition "Signac au fil de l'eau".

Lunched at charming Restaurant Baudy with its rose garden

Day 2 (1/2): The Marais

Met at Café Le Progrès, 1 rue de Bretagne, 75004 at 10:30 am.

We saw a selection of the best Parisian contemporary art galleries :

Galerie Xippas, Dean Monogenis and Peter Halley

Galerie Yvon Lambert, N. Van Woert - and the excellent library...

Galerie Ropac, recent drawings by Robert Longo

Galerie Sémiose, Françoise Petrovitch

Galerie Zürcher, collective show with G. Desgrandchamps and Matt Bollinger


Due to the so many nice shopping places in the Marais, we skipped these ones :

Galerie Perrotin, Charles Avery

Galerie Almine Rech, James Turrell


We had a nice lunch at the restaurant of Merci concept-store.



€400 friends' full day June 6

+€280 friends' half day June 9

+€180 train fares, 3 adults, 3 kids

+ €85 admissions, 3 adults, 3 kids

-€300 deposit -  €645 thank you.

The Marais


Suggested Itinerary for Nuri Frame & guest 

Screenshot 2014-12-23 09.46.46.png


“If Caroline were able to put together some suggestions and intros for places that are open over the holidays, that would be great.  Despite my excessive spending of late, I am finding it difficult to shake the art buying bug.  My parents just came over and gave me a Ray Mead abstract, and that did nothing but reignite the addiction.  Who needs heroin when they have art!”


in Paris from 26 evening to Jan 4th


Recommended Galleries

Most galleries are closed from the 23 to the 3rd of January so we visited those remaining open to generate these suggestions, including the best day to go. Say you are coming on our behalf, you are expected and should be well-received.

Best day for this visit : Saturday 27, starting at 2pm.

Roger Ballen, Ascension

Roger Ballen, Ascension

1- Start at Galerie Zürcher, 56 rue Chapon for a collective show curated by Peter Saul previously shown at their NYC gallery. The gallerists are Bernard & Gwenolée Zürcher.

2- Then walk to Galerie Particulière (16 rue du Perche) showing the photographic work of the Korean Min Byung Hun, landscapes and bodies. The gallerists are Guillaume & Audré.

4- Very close by, Galerie Karsten Greve presents a strong exhibition of the South African photographer Roger Ballen (Carolyn’s favourite at Paris Photo this year) and the abstract Chinese abstract artist Ding Yi (2 locations for that gallery (Rue Debelleyme number 5 and at the corner). There's a changing rotation of people on the desk. 5 Rue Debelleyme, 75003

5- There is a great collective photo exhibition at Espace Topographie de l’Art, 15 rue de Thorigny with photographers Dorothe Smith, Antoine d’Agatha, Dieter Appelt, Andres Serrano, Patrick Tosani...

Other date possibility: Tuesday December 30, Zürcher will be closed, doing their “inventory”, so you would start directly at Galerie Particulière rue du Perche.


Art Brut at Maison Rouge

Art Brut at Maison Rouge

Recommended Exhibitions

Contemporary art :

A half day visiting the great Olafur Eliassson exhibition at Fondation Louis Vuitton (obligatory reservation online)

A half-day visiting La Maison Rouge, a private institution showing private collections, right now, a strong private art collection of outsider art.

A great visit to the School of Fine Art to discover recently graduated students, titled “Possibles d’un monde fragmenté” Palais des Beaux-Arts, Jusqu'au 4 Janvier, 13 quai Malaquais 75006. Free entry Tuesday through Sunday, 13h-19h 

Jeff Koons at Pompidou, in a slightly smaller version of the Whitney show. Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004

"Inside," contemporary art at Palais de Tokyo (from 12 to midnight -- great to attend after a dinner out. Review in Wallpaper. 13, avenue du Président Wilson, 16th arr

Garry Winogrand photographer, at Musée du Jeu de Paume.1 Place de la Concorde, 75008


Non-contemporary exhibitions worth a look:

Visit the re-opened Musée Picasso in the Marais.

Hokusai at Grand Palais. You'll see the origins of manga in his work...

Sonia Delaunay at Musée d'art moderne. See the works of this virtuoso of abstraction before her show moves on to the Tate Modern in London.

Sade. Attaquer le soleil @Musée d’Orsay. The exhibit "Attacking the Sun" comes with a "disturbing content" warning and a trailer with age restrictions. Excellent!

Niki de Saint-Phalle at Grand Palais.


In preparation for your December 2014 visit, let us know which of these artists are of interest to you. We can build your itinerary from there. We've gone for maximum breadth of works here, so you can help us narrow it down.




Your day in Paris, Tuesday, April 8

Here's what we recommend:

  • Book yourself lunch at Le Baratin (or I can book it for you: 3 Rue Jouye-Rouve, 75020 Paris 01 43 49 39 70, Métro Pyrenées, walk downhill)
  • We will meet you there at 2 pm (should be enough time for lunch with a start time of 12:30). 
  • From there we will walk past the best view in Paris, up to 22,48 m2 to begin a downhill tour through 4 Belleville galleries.
  • Then we'll hop the Métro to the Marais to continue with a few key exhibitions there.
  • Please go ahead and confirm your date with a deposit here. You can either pay the balance online here or pay at the time of your visit (half-day, individual or family).

Note: We are sorry, the exhibition space Le Plateau will not be open Tuesday. It's usually a don't miss stop on our visits.


22,48 m2 -- Lucie Le Bouder is a French artist enjoying her second show at this new gallery, steps from an exquisite view over Paris. The work on display is from her residency at Montreal's Darling Foundry, and crosses the boundaries between painting, sculpture, drawing & architecture.

Tarasiève Loft 19 - “Irreverent yet pulsing with obsession, [Neal] Fox's depictions of iconoclasts from Francis Bacon to Johnny Cash expose the ways in which lives are transformed into legends. Fox rips these figures from their context and tampers with cultural signifiers like a boozed up plastic surgeon.” Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post

Bugada & Cargnel - This is where we get very conceptual, with American artist Nick Darmstaeder's meditations on electronic spam via oil and silkscreen paintings. Spam represents "a form of culture that is both massive and personal, despised and popular, oriented towards efficiency more than aesthetics, while possessing a certain beauty." B&C also has one of our favourite painters, Iris VanDongen, in storage, and sometimes they'll let us visit her brooding portraits, if they're of interest to you.

Galerie de Rousssan - this is a wonderful young gallery that represents two of our favourite French up-and-comers. During your visit they'll be hosting a solo show of Agnès Thurnauer, whose self-portraits in colored pencil are thoughtful, unsparing and beautiful.


We will continue as your time and energy allows to some of the following:

We will be delighted to introduce you to our favorite cafés, shops and restaurants on our route.

Galerie Jean Brolly - recent works of David Scher, an American artist, living in France

Galerie Nathalie Obadia - Fabrice Hyber's Inderdit aux Enfants (Children Prohibited)

Galerie Laurent Godin - Henrik Samuelsson is a Swedish artist who favours visually-dense, large-format mixed-media works.

Galerie Daniel Templon - Claude Viallat, his most recent works of this internationally-reknowned and well-collected French artist

Galerie Marian Goodman - Matt Saunders is an internationally-exhibited artist with a solo show at the beautiful Marian Goodman gallery

Galerie Jérôme Poggi - Julien Crépieux - emerging, fairly cerebral French artist in Poggi's brand new gallery

Galerie Zürcher - Matt Bollinger, a rising & celebrated American artist working with painting and collage. We also recommend Marc Desgrandchamps, the well-known French painter, and Chinese sculptor Wang Keping.

If we have the time or inclination, we may want to drop into the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. It's a fantastic private hotel from the 17th century. It displays collections around the themes of nature, hunting and contemporary art.  We will see performer Abraham Poincheval, who is living for two weeks in bearskin in the museum.

Tell us how we did !

We always appreciate knowing what you thought of your time with us.

Your feedback is essential to help us continue to refine our services, and we thank you for your time.

Name *
Date of visit *
Date of visit
The visit met my expectations
My guide was knowledgeable in his/her subject area
I will recommend a visit with city | art insider to others
May we use your comments in our promotional materials (online, print, etc?)

Visit for WICE Paris, April 3 & 10

Dear Katherine, Sue, Allison, Jeff and Susan,

Welcome to your class space on city | art insider, where we share details and visits of your visits and publish photos.


Friday 10

On this very sunny afternoon, we visited the most established Marais galleries :

Galerie Perrotin, Terry Richardson et Xavier Veilhan

Galerie Frank Elbaz, Kaz Oshiro

Galerie Almine Rech, Erik Lindman

Galerie Carsten Greve, Qiu Shihua and a collective show

Galerie Ropac, Nick Oberthaler, Claire Adelfang    

Galerie Xippas, collective show

Here are the artists we particularly liked : Claire Adelfang, Pai, Lynn Davies. Ask me if you need more infos, like availabilities, prices or sizes.







Friday 3rd

Discovery of the most recent places opened in the Marais.

Galerie Paris-Beijing, 62 rue de Turbigo, personal exhibition of Liu Bolin’s photographies

Galerie under construction, 6 Passage des Gravilliers, collective show Dessyn (drawings by generation Y artists)

Galerie Maia Muller, 19 rue Chapon, strong work, mostly ink based, by young artist Giulia Andreani

Galerie de Roussan, 47 rue Chapon, the elegant collages of Claire Trotignon

Bonus (a veteran gallery compared to the others) : Galerie Zürcher, 56 rue Chapon, on show Irina Jurek but also representing some of very good artists like Wang Keping, Marc Desgrandchamps, David Lebèvre. 


More with us

We can organize unforgettable art visits in Paris, for you alone or with a small group of friends. From classics like the Musée du Louvre to galleries, auctions or any tailored wish for special occasions. See our offers here.

We are delighted to help you discover and acquire very good works by emerging artists. Have a look at our advising services.

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A selection of Paris-themed artworks

Name *

Paris is so inspiring, it's no wonder many artists throughout time have been inspired to create great representations.

Here we've gathered a variety of works for you by artists who work occasionally or always on the subject of Paris (see photos below). 

These paintings, photos or lithos/prints are great memories of your time here.

The prices range from 300 euros to 20 000 euros.

Tell us what you like, we'll confirm prices and availability at the time of your request.



Visit for WICE Paris, October 9, 16 & 23 and November 13 & 20

Dear all,

Welcome to your class space on city | art insider, where we share details and visits of your visits and publish photos.



On this very sunny afternoon, we met at Place des Vosges, discussed the story of the Marais and started by visiting 2 ephemeral installations for the YIA art fair inside the rooms of Musée Victor Hugo (photos of Didier Tallagrand) and in the courtyard of Hôtel de Sully (sculptures of Tatiana Wolska and Boris Lafargue).

Then, we visited four galleries :

Galerie Jousse, where we enjoyed the work of Germain painter Tim Eitel

Galerie Perrotin, solo show of JR

Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier, for a very private preview of the sculptures of Guillaume Castel

Galerie Ropac, Imran Qureshi and Jules de Balincourt


If you want more information on a painting or sculpture that we saw together, we'll be happy to facilitate your purchase. Contact us anytime !


Special thanks to Mary from WICE who came with us on this first Fall visit.



Upon you request, we visited art galleries in Belleville and this rapidly changing neighborhood.

Galerie Bugada & Cargnel collective show with Claire Tabouret, Adrien Missika, Nick Deverieux, Julien Charrière, Cyprien Gaillard

Galerie Tarasiève Julien Salaud

Galerie Samy Abraham Mathieu Blanchard

Galerie 22,48m2 Emilie Broult & Maxime Marion

If you're coming back, here is the address of the excellent cafe Cream, 50 rue de Belleville



An afternoon at Fiac (Foire internationale d'art contemporain) at Grand Palais.


November 13

An afternoon at Paris Photo art fair at Grand Palais.


November 20

Visiting exhibitions and auction sales at Drouot.


More with us

city art insider can organize unforgettable art visits in Paris, for you alone or with a small group of friends. From classics like the Musée du Louvre to galleries, auctions or any tailored wish for special occasions. See our offers here.

We are delighted to help you discover and acquire very good works by emerging artists. Have a look at our advising services.

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Visit for WICE Paris, March - May 2016

Dear all,

Welcome to your class space on city | art insider, where we share details and visits of your visits and publish photos.



The first afternoon of this new cycle of city art insider visits for WICE found us exploring the neighborhood of Matignon, between Champs-Elysées and Grand Palais.

Except for Drouot, in the 9th arrondissement, it's where most of auction houses have their premices (offices, exhibition and sale rooms). We saw three of them :

Artcurial, with its lovely library and restaurant.

Christie's with a fantastic exhibition of impressionism and mid-20th century painters. Here are the results of the sale. 

PIASA, with an exhibition of Scandinavian furniture.

We also went to the following galleries:

Gagosian showing Ramble drawings of Richard Serra

Galerie Tornabuoni - collective exhibition titled Roma Pop

Galerie Strouk - sculptures of French Philippe Hiquily

And we finished with tea time in the inside garden of Petit Palais



An afternoon at the discovery of contemporary drawing at the fair Drawing now at Carreau du Temple.

We saw and liked works of Ethan Murrow, Johan Rivat, Katarina Ziemke, Iris Levasseur, Guo Fengyi, Leny Rébéré, Iris Levasseur,...



Program: Montparnasse from Les années Folles till today!

Meeting and quick eye at Café La Coupole

Lithographic atelier Idem in activity since 1880

Ephemeral exhibition by Antenor advisery in the commercial area of Tour Montparnasse

Historic place of 21 avenue du Maine - Villa Vassilieff and Fondation Krajcberg

Walking by Musée Bourdelle, we finished this afternoon of discoveries at Galerie Esther Woerdehoff to enjoy the photographic work of Iris Hutegger.



An afternoon in Saint-Germain-des-Prés


MAI 13

Salon de Montrouge


More with us

If you want more information on a painting or sculpture that we saw together, we'll be happy to facilitate your purchase. Contact us anytime !

city art insider can organize unforgettable art visits in Paris, for you alone or with a small group of friends. From classics like the Musée du Louvre to galleries, auctions or any tailored wish for special occasions. See our offers here.

We are delighted to help you discover and acquire very good works by emerging artists. Have a look at our advising services.

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Visit for WICE Paris, October 7, 14 & 21 and November 4, 10 & 18

Dear all,

Welcome to your class space on city | art insider, where we share details and visits of your visits and publish photos.



Marais contemporary art galleries

Thanks for joining us on this nice afternoon in the Marais !

We visited four galleries presenting solo shows of these artists :


Galerie Perrotin - Takashi Murakami

Galerie Frank Elbaz -  Sheila Hicks

Galerie Ropac - Alex Catz

Galerie particulière - Kate MccGuire

Galerie Tarasiève - Romain Bernini


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Gallery and neighborhood walk in Belleville


We started by walking along rue Desnoyez covered with tags and graffitis.

And visited those galleries:

Galerie Samy Abraham, presenting abstracts paintings/sculptures of Lisa Beck

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, textile works of Frederic Moser and Philippe Schwinger

Galerie Intervalle, Julien Mauve photos

Galerie Eko Sato, the drawings of Fred Le Chevalier

Galerie 22,48m2 Jonathan Mongham digital works

Galerie Crevecoeur, with the videos of Shana Moulton.

Then, back to metro Pyrénées, under the rain but inspired by art ;))))



An afternoon at Fiac

(Foire internationale d'art contemporain) at Grand Palais.


November 4

An afternoon in Saint-Germain-des-Prés


Watching the work of Iris Huetegger at Paris Photo fair

Watching the work of Iris Huetegger at Paris Photo fair

Fondation Etrillard, collective show Renaissance

Galerie RCM, collective show American Abstract Artists

Ecole nationales des Beaux-arts, exhibition of the graduate

Galerie Claude Bernard, Peter Blake

Galerie Loevenbruck, Gilles Aillaud

Galerie Meuble et Lumière, photos of Raphaël Dautigny


November 13

Paris Photo art fair at Grand Palais !

Meeting point : 1:30, inside the fair, at Info desk


November 20

Discover the auctions sales world at Drouot 

Meeting point : Hotel Drouot, 9 rue Drouot


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Sélection pour Oliv & Fab

An afternoon in the Marais galleries...

Hi Meriem, Rachel and Dimi, 

It was so nice to browse the Marais with you, between galleries, memorable juices and hidden gardens!

Here are the contemporary art galleries we visited, linked to their sites, and the names of the artists:

Galerie De Roussan : Claire Trotignon, Elvire Bonduelle, Bruno Albizzati, Olivier Beer, Gregory Cummins

Galerie Anouk Le Bourdiec : Anouck Durand-Gasselin and her mushrooms photo prints

Galerie Eva Ober : Youcef Korichi (born in 1972 in Constantine Algerie more infos), Damien Cadiot, Rebecca Bournigault

Galerie Semiose : William S. Burroughs paintings

Galerie Metropolis : Johan Rivat, Thomas Leon

Galerie Particulière : photos with pen drawings - solo show of Anne-Lise Broyer

Galerie Xippas : solo show Farah Atassi

Galerie Ropac : Alex Katz landscape

Galerie Perrotin : coll show of South American artits

For Meriem & Dimi, new works on his site Thomas Humery ( Texas Texas ;-)






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