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Belleville gallery walk

Belleville's the place to go for what's up-and-coming in art in Paris. Read on...

Art in the Marais 2018

An energizing day or half-day excursion in the Marais district -- galleries, museums, shopping, restaurants and more.

Paris Art Deco

Discover the Paris of the Roaring Twenties through art and architecture.

Bohemian Montmartre

A walking tour of the contemporary and historic art scene in Montmartre.

Picasso at Hotel Salé

Pay tribute to Picasso through special exhibitions and/or a visit to the Musée Picasso in Paris.

Louvre by night

Let's visit the Louvre tonight !

Explore art at Centre Pompidou

A review of the permanent collection at Centre Pompidou.

The magic of the Louvre

By popular demand, we offer a very special visit to the Louvre --  in and of itself, one of the world's foremost works of art, with ten centuries of history throughout.

Saint-Germain Art & Design

We love going to Saint-Germain for its mix of both modern and contemporary art galleries, design and furniture.

Discover why and how Impressionism evolved with a private tour of select museums and works.

Saint-Germain's hidden museums

"We've been to Paris before, and seen the big museums. We want to see something different this time -- but we only have 3 hours!" 

Design springs eternal

The French talent and tradition of design and creation didn’t stop with Marie-Antoinette -- come see what's new!

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