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Belleville gallery walk

Belleville's the place to go for what's up-and-coming in art in Paris. Read on...

Art in the Marais

An energizing day or half-day excursion in the Marais district -- galleries, museums, shopping, restaurants and more.

The magic of the Louvre

By popular demand, we offer a very special visit to the Louvre --  in and of itself, one of the world's foremost works of art, with ten centuries of history throughout.

Paris Art Deco

Discover the Paris of the Roaring Twenties through art and architecture.

Bohemian Montmartre

A walking tour of the contemporary and historic art scene in Montmartre.

Picasso at Hotel Salé

Pay tribute to Picasso through special exhibitions and/or a visit to the Musée Picasso in Paris.

Louvre by night

Let's visit the Louvre tonight !

Explore art at Centre Pompidou

A review of the permanent collection at Centre Pompidou.

Saint-Germain Art & Design

We love going to Saint-Germain for its mix of both modern and contemporary art galleries, design and furniture.

Discover why and how Impressionism evolved with a private tour of select museums and works.

Saint-Germain's hidden museums

"We've been to Paris before, and seen the big museums. We want to see something different this time -- but we only have 3 hours!" 

Design springs eternal

The French talent and tradition of design and creation didn’t stop with Marie-Antoinette -- come see what's new!

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