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city|art insider clients enjoy highly personalized visits to international art fairs in Paris, and further afield.

We've taken the time to talk to the curators and critics before your arrival, so we know what you need to see to be au courant -- new names, movements and styles, as well as significant works by established artists.

Whether you're there for appreciation or to buy, we take you on a unique visit to connect with the artworks, artists and galleries that resonate with you.

“It was amazing to get an expert critique at the fair, as well as the history and background of each artist. I enjoyed meeting the artists and hearing how they conceived and executed their pieces — being introduced to ideas and conversations I wouldn’t have had access to without city | art insider.”
— Meg, Geneva

If you are collecting...

While falling in love with a work is the most important criteria, we make sure you're making a wise investment. Together we'll think about how the works correspond to your collection, discuss your preferred artists' recent sales, related criticism, and how they're expected to perform in the future, so you can buy with confidence.


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The Basics of Art Fairs

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paris art fair calendar*

A handy guide to all the art fair dates, all in one place.


Spring/Summer 2017

Circulations Photography Festival, January 21 - March 5

ArtParis Art Fair, Mar 30 - April 2

Salon du Dessin, March 22 - 27

PADParis Art+Design, March 22 - 26

DrawingNow, March 23 - 26

Salon de Montrouge,  April 27 - May 24

Art Brussels, April 21 - 23

Venice Biennale, May 12 - Nov 26

Art Basel, June 15 - 18

Les Rencontres d'Arles, July 3 - Sept 24


Fall/Winter 2017

FIAC, Oct 19 - 22

YIA, Young International Art Fair, Oct 19 - 22

Asia Now, 18 - 22 Oct

Outsider Art Fair, TBD

Paris Internationale, TBD

ParisPhoto, Nov 9 - 12

Variation Paris Media Art Fair, Nov 15 - 25

Fotofever, November 10 - 12

OFF Print, TBD

AKAA, November 10 - 12

Galeristes, Dec 8 - 11


*let us know of any corrections, changes or fairs we might have missed, here!