Spring 2014 : focus on China

China is much celebrated this Spring in Paris ! 

Discover our great itineraries on chinese art through art fairs, galleries and cultural center.  


Art Paris Art Fair visit

From March 27-30, China is Art Paris Art Fair 2014 guest honor ! It's part of the celebration of 50 years of France-China relationship. 90 chinese artists will be represented by 10 local and international galleries ! With Zao Wou Ki, Chu Teh Chun, Wang Keping, Gao Xingjian and the all new contemporary art scene. 


Chinese art in Marais galleries

Several Parisian galleries are working intensively with Chinese artists. They will welcome us, adding to the pleasure of seeing the works in a calm ambiance and discovering the historical Marais neighbourhood. 


Prune Nourry- _ credit A G Leffèvre.jpg

Dicover monumental "Terracotta daughters" at Centquatre

The French artist Prune Nourry created a life-size army of more than one hundred Terracotta figures inspired by the famous Army of Xi'an. This monumental installation is presented in the very lively art center Centquatre in North Paris, after being created and presented during a one-year residency in Shangai at Gallery Magda Danysz.

(Starting March 22)


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