Client page : Susie & Mitchell Rice - art buying visit in Paris


It was very nice to meet you. I hope you enjoyed the visit of the galeries we selected for you in the Marais !


Galleries visited

- galerie Zürcher : Matt Bollinger and Michaël Dotson

- galerie de Roussan : Claire Trotignon (you'll see more at Art Basel Miami in December)

- galerie Gounod : Maud Maris and Michaela-Andrea Schatt

- galerie Christian Berst : many outsider artists

Here are some images from our time together. It may help you decide if you want to bring back home one of the art works we saw. I'll be pleased to help you further with the galleries. Please let me know your decisions ! 

Below is a link for an online payment.

Also, do let us know your thoughts on the visit, we've included a feedback form below.



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