city|art insider represents a network of art experts working in Paris. With whom you work depends on the style of art you wish to acquire or tour, from antiquities to contemporary art and photography.



Caroline Etter, Art Consulting

Art consultant, historian of art, friend to collectors and artists both, Caroline has been immersed in the Paris art scene for 20 years.

After graduating with a degree in 20th-century decorative arts from the Sorbonne, she started her career working at the Villa Médicis in Rome and at Bibliothèque nationale de France. Since then she’s been a curator, a journalist, a gallery manager working with private and corporate clients. She is teaching history of art and the contemporary art market in art management schools and is also accredited guide for French museums (guide conférencière).

She’s lived in London, Munich and Rome; speaks French, Italian, English and German; and grown the international network of art world colleagues on which she draws for city | art insider clients.

Caroline Etter

Caroline Etter

caroline etter, consultante en art contemporain

Consultante en art, historienne de l’art, proche des artistes et des collectionneurs, Caroline travaille dans le secteur artistique parisien depuis 20 ans.

Diplômée en histoire des arts décoratifs du XXe siècle à l'université de Paris La Sorbonne, elle a commencé à travailler à la Villa Médicis à Rome puis à la Bibliothèque nationale de France. Elle a été journaliste, commissaire d’exposition et manager de galerie d’art. Elle enseigne l’histoire de l’art et le marché de l’art contemporain et est également guide-conférencière professionnelle.

Elle a habité Londres, Rome et Munich et a développé un réseau international dans le domaine artistique qu'elle met désormais au service des clients de city | art insider.



Carolyn Smith, Marketing

In 2011, Carolyn arrived in Paris from Toronto, Canada, where she’d been working as a marketing consultant following a career in public broadcasting at and She was immediately drawn to the artistic life of the city, attending many major art events.

When guests arrived wanting to buy a piece of serious art to take home,  Carolyn saw the challenge: how to connect visitors with exactly the right works of art in a short period of time. Connecting with Caroline Etter provided the answer, and city | art insider grew from there.

Carolyn currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Carolyn Gibson Smith

Carolyn Gibson Smith


Carolyn Smith, marketing

En 2011, Carolyn s'est installée à Paris, quittant Toronto au Canada où elle travaillait comme consultante en communication, marketing et gestion du web pour la télévision publique canadienne (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation et  PBS).

Amatrice d'art et collectionneuse, Carolyn a été immédiatement séduite par la scène parisienne et ses innombrables évènements. Après le passage de ses invités à Paris, elle s'est demandé comment leur faire découvrir le travail d'artistes pendant un court séjour. Elle a commencé à travailler avec Caroline Etter ; city | art insider était né.

Aujourd’hui, Carolyn vit et travaille de nouveau à Toronto au Canada.

Associated art consultants and guides

city|art insider is working with several independent guides and consultants, active professionals in the Paris art world. You can find their bylines in the art press, and consult independently for individuals and corporations. Each has their own area of specialty, and we match them carefully according to our clients' interests.

An enthusiastic Parisian since 1988, Frederico d'Aboim adopted this multifaceted city as an ideal space in which to nurture his interest for history and grand curiosity for the creative scene. He shares it with you as you visit the great artistic sites of the city on our Classics visits. He's a certified national guide, art history graduate, and speaks, in addition to French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. 





Frederico d'Aboim

Frederico d'Aboim

 A Paris depuis 1988, Frederico d'Aboim a adopté cette ville multiforme qui nourrit son appétit historique comme sa curiosité pour la création contemporaine. Titulaire d'une maîtrise en Histoire de l'Art, il est également Guide Conférencier National. Il mène ses visiteurs avec enthousiasme à la découverte des musées et des quartiers parisiens. Il parle couramment Français, Portugais, Espagnol et Anglais.




"The highlights of my visit were the fantastic and approachable personality of my guide Caroline. She made the art accessible and enjoyable all while educating and enlightening me. She was able to show me things that I would never have had access to."

-- Catherine, Los Angeles

"Whether it’s helping you to plan a significant acquisition for your collection or simply immersing you in the vibrant behind-the-scenes life in the city’s coolest contemporary galleries and artist studios, the dynamic duo seem to know everyone and have access everywhere." Read more...

-- Norman Howe, President, Butterfield & Robinson

"It was amazing to get an expert critique at the fair, as well as the history and background of each artist. I enjoyed meeting the artists and hearing how they conceived and executed their pieces -- being introduced to ideas and conversations I wouldn't have had access to without city | art insider."

-- Meg, Geneva

"We were new to art buying in Paris and Caroline made the experience much less intimidating. Her extensive knowledge of the art community meant that she could put together a portfolio of potential artists that really suited our tastes.

It was obvious that the galleries knew and respected her. As a result, those who met us were welcoming and attentive.

Caroline is also a great tour guide who loves to share her knowledge and passion for her beautiful city. The lunch spot she chose for us was almost as fabulous as the art we acquired!"

-- Laurie, Toronto


"You two are brilliant! This art experience is exactly what I have been needing to push me into the Paris art scene.

My head, absolutely filled with wonderful information and images... Thank you for introducing me to your world."

-- Sally B, Paris

"It was such a pleasure spending time with you and learning from your tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the arts...

To roam the streets of Paris and take in all the diverse art and culture, and of course the cafes, patisseries and wine was such a treat!  

Having no real agenda, it was so easy to just let you guide us around the galleries that were showing the most relevant work of the moment."

-- Alli, Alberta

"Carolyn and Caroline / What a great team! / Galleries to Auction Druot / From Slick to Paris Photo / We learned the scene / And had fun in between!" Merci beaucoup!!

-- Anne – ABCs of Art Collecting

"Paris has everything for the art lover and the collector. With an abundance of art fairs, auctions and galleries, it is great to have someone with extensive local knowledge on your side.  We found working with city | art insider immensely helpful and very enjoyable.:

-- Jeff– ABCs of Art Collecting

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For expats and longterm residents in Paris

If you're in Paris for an extended stay, the venerable WICE is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization offering a wide variety of excellent courses, visits and tours for English-speakers in Paris.

From creative writing, to languages and visual arts, there's something for everyone.

Cycle in Burgundy!

If you want to get out and adventure beyond Paris, pop on over to Butterfield and Robinson.   With the motto "slow down and see the world," Butterfield's clients enjoy walking or cycling tours of the wine regions, as well as Provence, Normandy and more. From group visits to bespoke touring, Butterfield's extraordinary reputation places it in the top-tier of adventure travel.


Traditional car services - or more surprising

As far as car services, we rely on G8 Taxis for efficient, English-speaking service, and use their app to order cars. If you want to have a private chauffeur for a half-day or a day, we'll be happy to ask for you to our selected and trustable companies. For something truly unique, we recommend River Limousine, a private cruise on the Seine in a luxurious Venetian taxi.

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