The magic of the Louvre

The Louvre by city I art insider

We start by immersing you in the life and history of this spectacular palace, in front of the medieval walls.

The Louvre, in and of itself, one of the world's foremost works of art, with its' ten centuries of architecture and decorative arts throughout. We delve into the lives of the kings, exploring how their tastes and need to make political statements transformed the buildings, and discover how the Louvre became the richest museum in the world.

The art works are clamouring for our attention. We visit the most famous works from Greek and Roman sculptures, to Italian paintings, to French works from the 19th Century to the former apartments of Napoleon III that served as the Ministry of Finance till the early 1980s.

New in 2019 - Small group visit -

Limited to 6 people!


 Advanced Louvre Visits

If you have already been to the Louvre and want to deepen your appreciation these visits are for you.

We focus on a few rooms specialized in Renaissance or Flemish painting or the newly refurbished rooms for Decorative arts.

You’ll concentrate on around 20 pieces in detail, gain insight on the historic period, and learn the stories behind each work; from the artists who created the works, to those who commissioned it, and how it arrived in the collections of the Louvre.

Advanced visits:

  • Renaissance paintings

  • Flemish paintings

  • French paintings of the 17th & 18th c

  • Classicism and rebellions in the 19th c painting

  • The new rooms of Decorative arts

  • The life in Ancient Egypt

  • Primitive arts at the Louvre

  • The recent Islamic rooms

We choose your guide based on their specialty, and each visit is adapted to your wishes and level of knowledge.

Les visites sont aussi en Français !

Vous aimeriez retourner au Louvre mais vous craignez les files d'attente et les heures de marche ? Ces visites sont pour vous ! Nous vous donnerons les clés pour vous approprier l'histoire de ce lieu magnifique et profiter des trésors des collections.  

Truly one of our favourite days in Paris and the best way to enjoy the Louvre! Thank you so much Caroline and beautiful Frederico… It was perfect.
— Joy, Australia