Paris art consulting services

With city | art insider, every acquisition is an experience. 

city | art insider represents local and international buyers and art consultants making targeted fine art and design searches and acquisitions in the Paris market.

With extensive connections to artists, gallerists and auction houses in Paris, we maintain a database of currently available works.

Working with you, your interior designer or your architect, we define your requirements, and offer a visual long list. For your shortlist we add in market information and recommendations.

Finally, we either represent you in your transaction, or provide practical support for your buying trip in Paris. We work side-by-side with your vendor to ensure efficient transportation.

Our primary focus is on contemporary art, photography and design, and we maintain close relationships with experts in modern art, classics and antiquities.

We also provide onsite and distance collection strategy, evaluation, and sales to both individual and corporate clients.  

You can be confident that we work exclusively in your interest. While we enjoy the confidence of artists and galleries, we only represent buyers.

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